Get Rid Of Clutter!

It's Wellness Wednesday and lets tackle the issue of CLUTTER.
You may be wondering why keeping our homes free of clutter is important to our wellness?
Well... an organized space is an easy way to reduce stress and anxiety. Getting ride of excess stuff can benefit your mental health by making you feel calmer, happier, and more in control. A tidier space makes for a more relaxed mind.
Here are some ways to start...
• Take out the obvious trash.
• Dust all the flat surfaces.
• Organize living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen. Start with one space at a time to make it easier.
• Get rid of what you are not using. Don't keep things because you might use them, the "what if" or "maybe someday" items. (Don't worry we are all guilty of this! Including me!)
And actually, this goes for our outside spaces too! Get rid of junk! You don't need it, I promise.
Also, this weekend is great for decluttering with the full moon on Friday and the Spring Equinox on Sunday! Open those windows, let in the fresh air! And do some spring cleaning :)
If you like saging your house this is also a great time! And if you are able, helping an elderly neighbor do the same is a great way to give back to those that need it.
Declutter my friends! You won't regret it!