22222... It's everywhere! Is it significant?

22222... It's everywhere! Is it significant?

The portal is open... Once in a lifetime day...

Which is it? Is there a portal open somewhere? Should I be doing something?

If you are on social media it seems like everyone is taking about it.

I've seen many interpretations to these numbers. What should we believe? Well, here are a couple that I've seen...

Today, 22 February, 2022, is a once-in-a-lifetime-day when the date numbers line up to be 22/2/22. The date is called a symmetrical or palindrome because the numbers read the same backward and forward. This special line-up for number 2 will take place again only after 200 years. According to astrology, the “number 2 signifies the union of two people or two ideas and is a day about collaboration and community.

Another one...February 22 2022 is 22222 in numerology, 22222 resonates with the power of 2 and 5 and 10. 2 is love, 5 is change and 10 is the end and beginning of a cycle so it contains infinite possibilities. This means we are at the end and start of a cycle and a change in matters of love, career, family, home, and life as a whole with its endless possibilities. This is also on a Tuesday, another sign of synchronicity. Get ready for change. Emit love and appreciation and keep an open mind and heart.

IMO, go with whatever resonates with you. But it doesn't hurt to do a little extra journaling about what these numbers may mean to you.

Either way, it IS a special day :)

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