Pink Full Moon In Libra Explained

I've seen the headlines and articles come across my feeds about the moon is this and the moon is that, as I'm sure you have to. But what does this mean? Let's unpack this! And it's A LOT.
So Let's Get Down To It! Why is the April Moon Pink?
April's full moon often corresponded with the early springtime blooms of a certain wildflower native to eastern North America: the Phlox Subulata, commonly called ground phlox, creeping phlox or moss phlox. The Pink Moon is not the only name for this full moon though. There are many other names in different regions of the world and different groups of people and civilizations that have their own name for this full moon.
Second, How Does The Moon Cycle Through The Zodiac Signs?
As the moon orbits the Earth (every 28 days), it travels through each sign of the Zodiac, spending between two and three days in that sign.
Moon in zodiac is an astrological concept, that describes the monthly lunar apparent path on the sky, visible from Earth. We see the Moon moving daily from one zodiac constellation sector to another. Astrologists believe that this lunar zodiac travel influences our life. Lunar zodiac position in the sky, moving from one zodiac sign to another, helps astrologers explore the nature of human personality and daily activity.
Spiritually speaking, the full moon takes preexisting feelings or energies and puts them in bold. By that same token, the traits that we associate with a specific sign will intensify when the full moon is aligned with that particular sign.
What It Means When The Full Moon Is In Libra.
The Venus-ruled air sign is all about invoking beauty and harmony, so this lunation is working to bring some equilibrium back as we recalibrate from the opened floodgates of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that happened on the 12th. So, April’s full moon in Libra can help achieve harmony and balance through accountability, an honest conversation, and reflection. Any and all work done under the full moon in Libra works to introduce beauty and collaboration back into your life. Reflection is key in navigating this complex mix of energy.
That was a lot of information and I hope it was helpful to you!