Why Self-Care Isn't Just For You

Why Self-Care Isn't Just For You

What I mean is... it's difficult to put into words exactly. But I will try my best to explain what I mean by, why self-care isn't just for you. It is, don't get me wrong here! But let's take it one step further.

For example, when you do something nice for someone, how does it make you feel? Good, right? (Enter self-care mode!) When you compliment someone. When you help someone. When you check in with someone. When you ask someone to lunch. When you let someone merge into your lane of traffic. When you hold open the door for a stranger. When you see someone struggling to pay for their groceries at checkout. When you volunteer. When you donate money. Even when you like someone's post on facebook! Yes! Really! When you share their small business post. When you leave a five star review. When you wish someone happy birthday or anniversary. The list goes on!

When you do these acts of kindness, you add more light to the world. It does not take away from your light. It makes your light brighter. It makes you feel better, happier, lighter. So by doing things like this (and there are many more examples), you are creating a happier, healthier you. (Self-care!!!) But you are also spreading it around to other people, helping them in their self-care as well.

It's a snow ball effect really. Let's say tomorrow I decide to check-in with all of my friends. Makes them happy right? And then they check in with their friends, and their friends, etc., etc. You never know what someone is going through on a daily basis. Their internal struggles that they don't let anyone see. Self-doubt, imposter syndrome, so many yucky things that many of us struggle with... Help brighten their light, our light, your light, everyone's light.

I really hope this makes sense! So get out there and light someone's candle today, tomorrow, and then the next day. And pretty soon your light will be so bright, we'll have to wear shades. :)

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