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Crazy Lace Agate And Crystal Bead Bracelet Set

Crazy Lace Agate And Crystal Bead Bracelet Set

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Main Attributes: Happiness, Encouragement, Support

• Commonly known as the stone of laughter and believed to bring good luck
• A balancing and protecting stone, said to ward off the evil eye, bringing joy and absorbing emotional pain
• Helps increase energy and encourage concentration so that one can stay on task and complete goals much easier
• Promotes inner stability, composure and maturity and its warm protective properties encourage security and self-confidence
• Two strands crazy lace agate 2mm beads and two strands of crystal accent bracelets
• Fits up to 7" wrist

The crazy lace agate retains much of the energy from the area in which it is found. In particular the tribal energies from ancient cultures. There is evidence this agate was worn as an amulet by the earliest inhabitants of Mexico for endurance and courage in battle.

Crazy Lace Agate Associations:
Chakras - Third Eye
Zodiac - Gemini
Planet - Mercury
Element - Earth

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